In June 2014, Lifeworx became an Employment Network (EN), under contract with the US Social Security Administration. If you receive SSDI or SSI and would like to work and learn how you can become financially independent, please contact us or check out the new services we can provide at




On June 1, 2015 we changed our name to Lifeworx, Inc.



Welcome Employers!

We’re glad you have expressed an interest in learning more about the Ticket to Work Program and how Lifeworx can assist you with finding talented, qualified, dependable employees to fill open positions within your company, without any fees or charges for our assistance with job placements!

Professionals working as Employment Networks are under contract with the Social Security Administration to work with individuals with disabilities and assist them with their goals of self-sufficiency.  This arrangement provides an opportunity for the Employment Network (EN) to assist businesses with recruitment and job placement to fill positions with qualified candidates with disabilities.  ENs also provide continued mentoring for those individuals placed in jobs to ensure the placement is an excellent fit for both the Employer and the new Employee.

Although a large number of individuals with disabilities participating in the Ticket to Work Program require no accommodation and are job ready, Employment Networks are also able to assist employers with finding resources for technical assistance and accommodations related resources when needed.

Here are a few recent statistics about why hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense!

  • By not considering job seekers with disabilities, employers are overlooking an estimated 11.9% of the population and their families!
  • Fact: People with disabilities are estimated to be the third largest minority group in the United States!
  • Fact: according to the Job Accommodation Network (JAN), only 1 in 4 people with a disability actually requests a reasonable accommodation.  Of those, 56% of employers reported that the accommodation cost them nothing!
  • According to a consumer survey, 92% of respondents favored businesses that hired people with disabilities, with 87% preferring to give their business to them.
  • There is extensive “word of mouth” in the disability community.  By marketing to one person, an employer has actually reached 3-4 people.  Becoming the supplier of choice equals positive business results for you!

Are you ready to hire a dependable, qualified employee?

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